Laihyuk Park
  Woongsoo Na
  WiMAX mobile devices are known to have severe communication qualities due to signal degradation in cell boundaries and shaded areas. To solve this problem, various researches attempt to increase signal sensitivity in those areas [1][2]. For instance, vehicles can be equipped with WiMAX antenna on the roof or glass of the vehicle so that the mobile devices can increase receiver signal sensitivity. Through this approach, a large variety of applications can be created by passing the WiMAX traffic to mobile devices in the vehicle. The vehicle might use a gateway that transparently distributes the WiMAX data to mobile users to augment the WiMAX data service. One of the potential technologies achieving this goal would be via wireless local area network (WLAN) such as IEEE 802.11. However, if a significant number of APs are densely located, the throughput of the mobile devices will be tremendously degraded due to interference among the WiFi networks.
Basic Vehicle Model

  In this research, we assume that vehicles are embedded with WiMAX antenna which distributes WiMAX traffic to WiFi in-vehicle wireless devices forming a basic service set (BSS). We research a mobility-aware interference avoidance scheme among those BSSs which works well even under the situation that BSSs are densely located. Therefore, to cope with dynamicity of the topology, we exploit mobility vector and location information of neighboring APs from a global positioning system (GPS).
(a) Short interference duration        (b) Long interference duration
Different interference duration due to dynamicity of the topology
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휴대폰을 이용한 차량용 개인화 서비스 플랫폼 기술 개발 (Personalized Service Platform for Vehicular Services using Smart Phone), KAIARI, 2010.06~2011.05 ETRI, 2010.06~2011.01 [Final Report] [ppt]
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