Hyoungchel Bae
  Jeongseok Yu
  Military applications are a primary use of wireless networking and are best served by informed research that avoids making assumptions that are based on presumed military requirements.
  Many research papers propose algorithms and communication approach for network sizes of thousands of nodes and above.
  Military network sensor nodes will be extremely small, lightweight and cheap. These are combined with the need for long battery lifetime.
  These assumptions have led to the following requirements:
  (a) Tailored routing and transport protocols are needed
  (b) Short distances between nodes (often just a few metres) are taken for granted
  (c) Special-purpose operating systems are required.
  In practice these assumptions are more challenging than required in the near-term for current military needs while other aspects such as tamper-resistance are not addressed.
  Thus, We will be studied Underground Sensor Networks for Military and Peer Aware Communication for Military Networks.