Woongsoo Na
  Jeongseok Yu
  The IEEE 802.15 task group 5 has recently released the IEEE 802.15.5 standard. The standard provides an architectural framework enabling WPAN devices to promote interoperable and stable wireless mesh topologies. Although the applications enable the IEEE 802.15.5 to utilize a fully distributed MAC without any central coordinator. Logical groups are formed around each device to facilitate contention-free exchanges while exploring medium reuse over different spatial regions. The membership of devices to these groups can vary in time due to changes of locations or the topology. The distributed MAC mechanism ensures a high performance and efficient relaying of a MAC frame from a source to a destination in the network, possibly over several multihop relay devices, forming wireless personal area mesh networks (WPAMNs). Although the applications enabled by WPAMNs are very attractive, there are many technical challenges to overcome in order to build well-functioning robust system.
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